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The Fama K209 series helicopters are fitted with a 162 HP single stage centrifugal compressor turbine engine that operates at over 60 000 RPM. This engine, fitted with 6 fuel injectors weighs in at 143 Pounds, including the reduction gearbox. The engine will run on pure Jet Fuel, Paraffin or Diesel or any mix combination. Diesel does however produce smoke on start up and develop around 10% less power.


The Electronic Flight Instrument System can, as be expected, provide a host of information which is available on three screens, changed using buttons on the cyclic. This information includes:

Engine Torque, UTC, Satellite Indicator, GPS accuracy, Indicated Air Speed, Ground Speed, Exhaust Gas Temperature, Turbine Oil Temperature, Gear Box Temperature, Fuel Flow, Track, Slip Indicator, QNH Setting, Altitude, Vertical Air Speed, Engine and Main Rotor Speed (expressed as a percentage).

Several of these indications show as analogue as well.

Retractable landing gear position is also displayed on EFIS.

Powered Flight (Helicopter Pilot Training)

Powered Flight, located at Wonderboom Airport in Pretoria, will use these helicopters for pilot training. This will allow a pilot to complete his private or commercial pilot licence on a turbine powered helicopter from day one!

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