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Why Should You Choose Fama?


The Fama K209 has many design features normally found only on larger helicopters.

* Features such as the full EFIS system


The Fama Works is located in Modena Italy, 5 km from the Ferrari Factory  

* Made with the same “Italian flair”


The main and tail rotor blades are manufactured by a company comprising of engineers that produced blades for Eurocopter.  

So in Conclusion

If you are in the market for a 2 seat helicopter, the search is over!

High Tech Avionics

The Fama is equipped with a “glass-cockpit”.

Excellent for

next generation

helicopter pilot training


More space than any other popular 2 seat training helicopter.

Head room, width and

leg room are improved


Cabin, body panels,

tail boom, main and

Tail rotor blades - all formed from

“Carbon Fibre”

Turbine Power

Enjoy the smooth power of a turbine engine,

Turning at 62000RPM,

Producing 162HP


The Fama is a pleasure to fly with an engine that produces “sea level” power up to 10000’

Allowing a 1000’ROC

With 2 crew and full fuel

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